Chris Nelson, 8th Dan – Founder of Sekai Yoshukai Karate Association










Gary Torkington, 5th Dan – Renshi – Member of Order of Golden Dragon (30+ years in Yoshukai Karate)

Dr. Torkington has studied Sekai Yoshukai under Nelson Kyoshi since 1986, earning Renshi status with his 4th Dan, after beginning his karate experience with Mike Foster Sensei in 1985 while in Florida. He has stated many times his karate training helped him with his college degrees, resulting in an MBA from Emory and a Doctorate from Phoenix University. His advice to is treat college like learning kata, chipping away a chunk at a time, then moving on to the next section. He continues to apply his karate focus to his position as Coordinator of Technology and Media for Gwinnett County Schools, Georgia, Online Campus. He says Yoshukai is never ending and he still has much to learn from Kyoshi. His favorite technique is mae-geri (front kick) and his favorite kata is So Chin.


Chris Corvi, 2nd Dan – Member of Order of Golden Dragon (30+ years in Yoshukai Karate)

Chris Corvi was in high school when he began studying Sekai Yoshukai with Nelson Kyoshi. A graduate of Georgia State U, he is a certified Personal Trainer and a certified Special Education teacher. He has backpacked in Australia, traveled extensively in Europe, climbed Machu Picchu and wants to achieve his Instructor License in Sekai Yoshukai Karate. His favorite technique is a furious reverse punch and his favorite kata is Bassai.



Rich Faust, 2nd Dan

Rich Faust began studying Sekai Yoshukai karate with Nelson Kyoshi in 1995 while living in Georgia. He relocated to Pennsylvania after obtaining a degree in Architecture, where he works as an architect and manages the Pennsylvania dojo. His favorite technique is a fast, fast punch and his favorite kata is Tenshin.